Juices that help Relieve Chronic Headaches and Migraine

Here are some of the juices which can provide a relief from chronic headache:

  • Grape Juice: An effective home remedy for migraine headaches is the juice of ripe red grapes. Add to your daily diet without adding any sugar.
  • Spinach Juice: Regular intake of spinach juice also helps to relieve chronic headaches.
  • Cucumber Juice: Cucumber juice helps remedy migraines.
  • Lemon Juice: Added to warm water or tea helps relieve headaches
  • Orange Juice: Get rid of toxins in the body that cause headaches using orange juice.
  • Celery Juice: Celery juice helps relieve migraines.
  • Tart Cherry Juice
  • Carrot Juice
  • Beet Juice:
  • Warm Apple Juice
  • Mangosteen Juice : Daily intake of mangosteen juice helps relieve headaches.
  • Cabbage Juice